Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Stairs
The stairs in Ryan and Alicia's house has always been a concern.  Everyone is always worried that Rylan will somehow get out of his room at night and fall down the dreaded stairs.  Since he doesn't walk and he bum scoots everywhere, Angela or TeTe as he calls her decided that it was time to tackle them.  So she let Rylan bum scoot to the top stair and then guided him, by making him sit and take one step at a time, till she got him to the bottom.  He loved it and really seemed to understand what was going on.  She got him to do it a few more times and was feeling confident that if necessary that he would be able to do it if he somehow got out of his room.  When Alicia got home that day and Ang told her the days events Alicia laughed and told her that she had also been working with him.  No wonder he seemed so sure of himself. 

I would like to remind everyone about the Bottle & Penny Drive on the 15th of October at Gibsons Elementary School  It starts at 9am and goes till 2 pm.  There will be coffee and Muffins.  If you can't make it out and you have bottles to donate just give me a call at 604-886-3684.  
As an update we have now passed the $5000 mark.  Thank you to everyone who has donated.  We couldn't get to China without you!

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