Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last night we had our first Fundraising meeting.  So many great ideas came out.  Pub nights, Dessert nights, Golf tournaments, a Dinner and dance.  Silent Auctions , 50/50 draws and on and on it went.  I felt so excited and blessed that these ladies really cared.  Our man of the hour Rylan was there and putting on quite a show.  He even flirted with one of the ladies.  We were stunned as this is not like him at all.  He usually acts up when there is lots of talking and noise but he had actually bum scooted over to her and pretty much planted himself on her.  Hmm wonder if it is because she's the manager at Wheat berries and smelled of sweet things.   Cohen and Rylan were even playing ball.  In fact Rylan was stealing a ball from Cohen and teasing him.  One wonders how a Visually impaired child can even find the ball but he seems to have a sense of where things are, either by smell or by sound.  He was getting great delight in making Cohen whine for the ball and then throwing it away so he couldn't have it. It was so wonderful seeing him interact and be a typical 4 year old.  To date we now have $1825 dollars thanks to some Pay pal donations and a anonymous donation at the bank.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

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