Friday, September 2, 2011

Why China

A few weeks ago while once again researching Stem Cell Infusions in China I started going on my SOD/ONH facebook sites looking for other people making comments and I happened upon a post by a lovely lady named Brenda Campbell.  She was talking about going to China.  I stopped dead in my tracks and made a comment to her.  She immediately messaged me.  I was enthralled.  She explained everything that was going on with her daughter and how she had fundraised to get enough money to go to China.  Next Glynda and Paul Arnold messaged me to talk about taking their little Grandson to China. How they had fundraised  because like us they couldn't afford this without help.  I got an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. Could we do this?  All I posted was China?  on facebook and I got so much positive feedback that honestly I couldn't believe it.  I went upstairs and said to my husband Rob, Alicia and I  are going to take Rylan to China!  His reply was simply, Okay.  I have never made such an impulsive decision in my life.  I then phoned Alicia and told her pretty much the same thing.  Funny none of us even thought of not going.  We know that if we don't do this we will regret not trying.  I read a quote on one of the blogs that said" I don't want to be in my dying bed and have to think that we didn't try everything.  I guess China is our everything.  It's our only recourse because there really is no other medical treatments.  
If you have an extra few dollars that you could donate we would appreciate it.  Not for us but for our very special little man Rylan.  
Thank you Alison

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