Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kents Beach
Rylan woke up very early this morning.  He new that he was somewhere different.  Even though he had his comforter and his cars sheets, it was different.  Mommy and Daddy and him had come to visit Grandma and Grandpa at their cabin that they rent every year.  He was out of his routine.  When Daddy went in he was crying but as soon as he heard Daddy's voice he stopped...There was no going back to sleep though.  Daddy put on his movie Finding Nemo and settled him down. Rylan loves to listen to movies.  Especially movies with funny voices and singing.  Grandma got up and made his favourite breakfast and they played for a while.  Mommy wasn't up yet and they had some cuddle time.  A little later Mommy got up and they went up to the store.  First store was okay but when they hit Walmart it was a different story.  Rylan was getting tired and hungry.  Rylan eats every two hours to keep his blood sugar up. If his sugars aren't kept up he can have a seizure. He was not happy to be in Walmart and was letting pretty much everyone know it.  Finally he settled down and he  was happy walking holding on to the grocery buggy.  It must be very strange pushing the buggy and not knowing where you are going because you are visually impaired.  After the store it was off to visit Rylan's Great Great Auntie Lil.  She gave him pudding. He loves pudding. As we were leaving Auntie Lil gave Rylan a donation for Rylan's Fight for Sight.  A $1000!  We were so appreciative. Auntie Lil said that she had prayed for Rylan every night since he was born. She had prayed for a miracle and helping to send him to China seemed to her was the answer and if she could have a part in this she would.  Later after we got back to the cabin Mommy put Rylan into his Mr. Turtle Floater.  Rylan loves the water.  He will stay in it for hours. Rylan has no fear in the water.  I often wonder if he would be shocked at the difference in size of the Ocean or his little pool at home.  After a while he started to shiver so time to get out.  Grandpa and Daddy had gone fishing and were home.  They caught a ling cod so that would be supper.  Supper done it was time to go and catch the ferry to get back into his regular routine. 

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