Monday, October 10, 2011

It was our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I had everyone over on Sunday night for our big dinner, as my Mom, Rylan's Great Grandma was here to celebrate with us.  I love Thanksgiving as I think it is a wonderful day filled with family time and good food.  
Everyone arrived it seemed at the same time, which makes my house a little chaotic and noisy.  Rylan was hungry and so I quickly made his special dinner.  Ground up turkey, potatoes, sweet potato, peas, corn and gravy.  Alicia tried to feed him  and it was a no go, then Auntie Ang tried and still a no go.  Ryan thought that it was because he wanted him to feed and still Rylan's little nose went up in the air.  This supper was not what he wanted.   We were perplexed.  Suddenly Auntie Ang came out of the dining room holding the cranberry jelly and added some to Rylan's dinner.  If you could have seen his face.  He got the biggest smile and just opened his mouth and ate.  It was hilarious.  I have to say that I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it.  
Now I know I have written about how much Cohen and Rylan care about each other and how the little cousin has been a true God send to Rylan, but on Thanksgiving I witnessed something that I will never forget.  Rylan and Cohen were sitting on the couch beside each other, watching their favourite TV show.  Rylan was doing his rocking thing and Cohen was occasionally looking at him.  He seems to check on Rylan to make sure he is okay.  Suddenly Rylan reached over and gently grasped Cohen's hand.  I was amazed.  Cohn just looked over at Rylan, then looked at his hand and just continued to watch his TV show as if it was a normal event.  Rylan held Cohen's hand till the end of the show.  I felt almost breathless.  I felt like I had witnessed a small miracle.  Rylan seems to be reaching out more and more.  I think I see him more and the Autism less.  I have much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving.  

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