Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rylan's weight
I don't think that I mentioned in any other the other blogs that a few months ago we were terrified that Rylan would not make it to his 5th birthday.  He was so thin and sickly looking, and we could actually count his ribs. Rylan's Endocronoligist suggested that they see a Dietitian but they wouldn't be able to see her for 4 months.  We honestly did not know what we were going to do.  You see Rylan does not chew and most of his food must be pureed.  He had gotten so he wasn't eating much at all.  I then got this  idea what about a Magic Bullet.  I had seen them on TV in the infromercials and Wendy and I had gotten the Baby Bullet for Ang and Dana for their little guys, why wouldn't this work .  Ang pretty much throws anything and everything in the Bullet and he loves it.  Suddenly food was fun and and interesting.  He now demands his food.  He has had Pizza put in the bullet with milk, Meatloaf and veggies, Steak, Chicken you name it, he loves it.  The funniest I think was Ryan and Alicia had always dreamed of taking him to McDonald's and getting him French Fries.  Well it wasn't McDonalds but they got KFC on their way back from Vancouver with Fries and Gravy and decided to put some of that in the bullet.  Ryan said the look on his face was hilarious.  He couldn't give it too him fast enough.  He was furious when it was all gone.  So yesterday Alicia and Angela with the two boys headed for Vancouver to see the Dietitian.   They were so excited to tell everyone.  Rylan had gained 7 1/2 pounds.  He had gone from the 10% for his age to the 50%.  Almost perfect.  We sometimes tickle him and tell him he has a little buddah belly.  He laughs, probably because we are tickling him.  He seems to be a much more happy boy.
Yeah Rylan!

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