Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Saturday and tomorrow will be one week that we have been here. Sometimes I feel a little homesick but it helps that we can Skype the families.  The days have gone quickly as we are busy taking Rylan to all his appointments.  Today we found out Rylan is to have another MRI to have a better look at his Pituitary Gland.  I guess him fighting sleep didn't help the situation.  When the Doctors came in they confirmed that on October 3rd will be his next Stem Cell day.  Can't wait for that day.  After lunch we took him to his Opthomology appointment and then to his Acupuncture.  Alicia was very brave today and asked how much the needles hurt.  The Doctor offered to let her try one and she was very surprised when it didn't hurt.  The Doctor then showed her a bigger needle and she let him put it in.  She was amazed that it didn't hurt either.  In fact she said after that her arm didn't hurt at all and felt warm and tingly.  We now know that it is fear that Rylan feels when he gets upset not pain.
Alicia and I are starting to feel a bit of cabin fever so the walks in the afternoon really help.  Today we walked around the small lake we spotted from the hospital balcony.  It's beautiful!  There we people flying kites, young couples walking the paths holding hands and taking pictures of each other.  The gardens there are beautiful and plants that we have as houseplants grow outside here.  We saw a temple and another building which we weren't sure what it was that was very impressive.  Many people stared but some said hello and smiled.  Maybe they are getting use to seeing us.  Tonight we are having Pizza and a Corona.  Makes us feel a little like we are closer to home. 

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