Wednesday, September 26, 2012

China day two and this last 24 hours has been amazingly busy.  We have met the lovely kind nurses, we have met Doctors who specialized in Stem Cells, Opthomology and Acupuncture.  They are all very kind and very thorough.  We started yesterday by meeting the Stem Cell Doctors who wanted to know every detail about our Rylan.  They wanted to understand all his diagnosis and what happened to him at birth and his Adrenal crisis.  In the afternoon we decided to go with some other families by a bus that is provided to us, to the market.  Oh my Gosh!  Now that is a cultural shock.  Take Costco times it by 10 and fill it to the brim with people and you get the market at Guangzhou.  This apparently is a small market.  The food was unbelievable.  There is every kind of exotic Fruit and Vegetable that you can think of.  The meat was a little bit of a shock as well. No part of the animal is wasted.  I think our Interpreter found us a little amusing when he was giving us the tour.  He told us all the different things you could get and I wont go into great detail.  I did find that food is really not that cheap here.  I had been told it was.  We spent 378 yen which is about $60 and really we can away with 2 bags.  We bought bananas, Applepears, kiwis. milk, sugar, \yougart, grapes, and we found the International part of the market where we found some Spaghetti sauce and noodles.  We will cook those for Rylan.  We had to buy ourselves some mugs, glasses and a couple of bowls and a bigger bowl for making pudding and stuff for Rylan.  It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it all.  \
|This morning Rylan went for Acupuncture.  He was quite taken by the Doctor.  He hugged him and held his hands.  We were in a bit of disbelief as he usually is quite shy about people he doesn't know.  He had this strange wood box with herbs put on his head and then he went into another room where they did his acupuncture.  He will have acupuncture everyday.  Getting a few more acupuncture needle sights each time.  I was expecting him to loose it but he didn't.  He co-operated until another little boy who is here for stem cell treatment, started crying.  He got very upset and had a small seizure.  He was ok though and we talked him through it.  He is such a brave little boy.  He makes me so proud.  I can't think how I would be if I was blind and all these strangers were poking me and doing strange things to me.  This afternoon we went and saw the Opthomologist and she said pretty much the same thing as his Doctor in Canada.  His eyes are perfect.  She is waiting for the MRI that is planned for tomorrow to see how his Optic nerves are.  He then went into another room where they put these glasses on him that act on his Pressure points around his eyes.  He laid there for 20 minutes.  He will go back at least 5 times for that maybe more.
Tomorrow he will go for Ultrasound at 8:30 and an MRI and EEG at 3:30.  He will be sedated for these procedures.  The Doctors are looking at why he has seizures and how big his Optic Nerves are as well as any brain Malformations. 
Friday he starts his Stem Cell treatments.  We are so excited for this.  We have met families who have been here 3 to 4 times.  One family from Australia who have a son who is very delayed.  They have been here 3 other times.  Another family is from Hong Kong and this is their 5th time.  Both families said that they have had great success.  We said that there was no way we could come back that many times.  Wow!  When you think how much this is costing them but I know there is no way to put a dollar sign on your child.  You will do what you have to, to help them.  I know that we would. 
Right now Rylan is bum scootiing around the room investigating everything with his hands.  He will do this for ages, entertaining himself.  We are going to take him to the Common Room to see what toys are there and to make his dinner.  I will try and Blog again tomorrow. 
Ill sign off by saying what Rylan says...Bye, Love ya, See you tomorrow...

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