Monday, September 24, 2012

Good Morning.  It is our first morning in China and to say that the last 48 hours has been uneventful would be a big lie.  We left Gibsons on Sunday on the 8:30 ferry.  Stopped had breakfast at White Spot and then off to the Airport. The parting was mixed with excitement and yes anxiety.  I know Ryan and Rob are going to find it hard without us.  We are going to miss them but we are going to be very busy with Rylan.  The plane ride was good from Vancouver to Hong Kong and the employees of Cathay Pacific were outstanding.  But man every time you turned around they were feeding you.  So many meals and snacks.  Rylan wasn't too keen on his meals but its ok as we had brought lots of fruit and they did supply him with yogurt.  The plane from Hong Kong to Guangzhou wasn't as great.  It was an older jet and there was Lightening and lots of rain.  Rylan was now tired and hot and didn't want to participate anymore and let us know.  He was quite loud and cried. Poor little guy probably thought were never getting to China, I know Alicia and I didn't.  We were so thrilled to see Peter our escort at the Airport.  We gathered up all our suitcases, carry ons, computers, purses and backpacks and it was quite a scene.  I can't believe we brought so much stuff but we need it.   When we got to the hospital after a one hour drive we were shown our rooms.  Well its not the Hilton but in saying that it is clean with 3 single beds a bathroom and a fridge.  There is a TV and a DVD player and we get 2 English channels.  Its not so bad at all.  The Beds aren't bad and we have a small deck off the room. We unpacked and by then it was about 36 hours since we had started our journey.  Off to bed which Rylan is not too pleased about because to him it's daytime.  But with a little cajoling and Grandma being very firm and then taking him to bed with her he fell asleep.  Today we will look around and find the kitchen and the common room.  I am going to try and Blog everyday.  Talk to you soon.

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