Friday, September 7, 2012

September the 4th was a huge milestone is Rylan's life.  He started School.  Auntie Ang took him to his first day.  He walked across the street up the sidewalk and into his classroom with the help of his walker.   We were all a little nervous as to how this would go but Rylan loved it.  He walked around his classroom getting used to the sounds and the smells and smiled his big beautiful smile and laughed out loud.  Auntie Ang was so proud she stood outside and cried.  Alicia and Ryan were sad to miss his first day as they both had to work but were so happy that Auntie Ang could stand in for them and excited that it had gone so well.  Alicia took pictures of him sleeping on the big mat in front of the fireplace later at home as he was so tired.  For now Rylan will be going to School twice a week for short periods so he can get use to the extra stimulation.  I think this will be a great adventure for him. 
As I sit here I realize that there is only 15 days till we start our great adventure to China.  I am feeling excited, anxious and grateful.  It is hard to explain how grateful we are to everyone who helped.  To all of Rylan's Angels who have always been there helping and never complaining with all the work they took on for the fundraising.  Without them we never  would have been able to raise all the money we have.  Thank you to the employees at St Mary's the employees at Terminal Forest Products, Wheatberries Bakery, The Lighthouse Pub.  You were more than generous and how lucky we are to live in a small town where Business's and their Employees give so willingly.  To our families who donated Thousands to Rylan out of pure Love.  Who love Rylan because he is ours and because they want to give him every chance he can have at life.  To all the ladies who did all the baking for the Bakesale.  Thank you.  Your generosity will never be forgotten.  Lots of you said it was just a little thing but to us it was a huge act of kindness.  Thank you to the perfect strangers who donated bought bracelets and some who ended up being a new part of our lives.  Thank you to our friends who donated, helped and put up with our nervousness.  Thank you to Dana McIntyre who motivated me to start this journey and helped me with this blog.  Love you Dana. To the Coast Reporter and Christine who kept us in the Paper so we could get lots of advertising.  Thank you.  I will always support you.  To the Generous people of Penticton who don't even know our Rylan but know Cheryl and the ladies at the Grocery store.  Thank you. To all the Merchants on the Sunshine Coast a big Thank you for all the donations of the Silent Auction items.  We raised an enormous amount of money with them.  To all the Players of Parkland who made the trek in the snow to show their support to Ryan and their very generous donation.  To all my new Friends in the U.S. who have listened, made suggestions and gave advise.  Thank you.  To 16 X 9 thank you for coming to Gibsons and filming. It showed who we are and why we are going. 
If I have forgotten anyone I apologize because there have been so many people that have helped donated and prayed for us.  Thank you everyone for everything.  We feel blessed.
I am hoping to continue my Blog in China.  So please check back and see if we have gotten through.  Also we will be trying to use Facebook as much as we can.  We are hoping to phone home using Gmail so if you see a weird number it could be us.  

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