Friday, September 28, 2012

Today is our 5th day in China.  It's hard to believe.  Yesterday Rylan had his UltraSound which went really well. Then after lunch they came to sedate him for his his MRI and EEG.  The little nurse named Amy came into give him the medication and told us it would take about 20 miinutes to kick in.  Well 20 minutes came and went and still no sleeping Rylan.  So 10 minutes later we got him to sort of be sleeping but when they but him on the gurney to take him for his MRI he woke right up.  Off we went anyway thinking that the rocking would put him to sleep. NOPE!!!  He was still awake.  So we stopped outside the MRI room and they called the Doctor who came right away.  They gave him more sedation and he laid there giggling and doing his Rylan Chatter.  As this was going on another family was bringing in there father who looked like he had had a stroke or something.  Then the yelling and the arguing began.  Alicia and I stood there in shock.  They were arguing over who was going to get to go in the MRI first.  Our Doctor saying we were and their Doctor saying they were.  This went on for quite a few minutes until the Radiologist came out and said that they couldn't do Rylan because he was STILL not asleep.  Everyone was amazed.  It was then decided that he would go and have his EEG that the MRI would be done the next day.  So off to EEG where he actually went to sleep.  They hooked him up and turned on the machine which Alicia had seen before at Children's.  They did something a little different they turned on a strobe light to see if they could get Rylan to have a seizure.  Sure enough he did.  That was a little hard to watch but thankfully with him sleeping it didn't last long.  After they removed the cap for the EEG the decided to give the MRI a go again.  We headed back and Alicia started taking off all her jewellery so that she could go into the room with him.  You can't have any metal on when you go into the room. Then they reminded her to take out her nose ring and she stopped and said she couldn't.  I then stepped up and said I would go in.  I have to say that I was very nervous.   For those of you that have had a MRI you know how loud it can be. Just as we went in the room you know who woke up.  I thought"Really!"  But in that he had more sedation than the average little one, he was quite docile.  So off we went.  The Nurse put him on the MRI and loaded him in.  The machine made so many beeping and roaring noises I thought Rylan would be scared to death.  But he actually seemed okay.  After a few minutes I could see that he was having another little seizure and couldn't wait for this to be over.  After all that we got him back to the room and laid him down expecting him to go back to sleep.  No he sat up slipped himself off the bed and began to play.  Unreal!   Alicia fed him dinner and then about 8 he fell asleep.  It was quite a day for a little guy.  Today he woke up early and I got him and put him in my bed where he fell back to sleep.  He is getting his times a little straighter.   We were all up by 6 as we were quited excited about the Stem Cells being delivered around 9.  First Strawberry the nurse came in and put in the IV and Rylan never even made a sound. We were prepared for screaming and crying but it didn't happen.  Then those magically little miracles arrived.  They hooked him up and we watched them drip down the tube and into Rylan.  This is what we had hoped, wished and dreamed about and it was happening.  I kept watching Rylan seeing if there was any adverse effects but here was nothing.  He just asked if it was all done.  Amazing.  Today Rylan has been extra vocal.  It started when we woke  up.  Asking for Grampa and just chattering away, much of it making perfect sense.  Alicia is quite amazed and thrilled about this.  We are curious if the Acupuncture has had something to do with it.  After lunch we went for a walk around the block.  A Chinese block.  It's not your usual block.  It would be more like 6 of our blocks if not more.  We saw lots of statues, apartment blocks a very large school and I think we were a bit of an attraction too.  Alicia's blonde hair gets quite a bit of attention.  LOL!  It's a definite head turner.  The rest of the day was spent at the Opthomology clinic and at Acupuncture.  We then came back had a bit of a rest and then went down to the kitchen and made Spaghetti.  Rylan seemed to really enjoy it.  I know I did.  I hope this gives everyone a little insight as to what are days are like here in China. 

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