Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today was Stem Cell Day. It was going to be done as a Lumbar Puncture and an IV done at the same time. We were both quite nervous about this as one of the complications could be seizures. The others were nausea and fever.   We woke up at 1:45 so we could give Rylan some fruit and a drink as he wasn't allowed to eat after 2:00.  Well that was great but then of course he didn't go back to sleep.  The nurses came in about 8 to make sure he hadn't had anything else and told us that she would probably be back in about an hour for him.  Another nurse came in to give him his daily massage and then about 20 minutes later another nurse came to escort us up to the OR.  When we got up there they  put him on a gurney and Alicia and Rylan went down  a long hallway.  I felt very nervous when I lost sight of them.  Pretty Soon Alicia was back looking very teary.  Its hard watching them putting your child under Anesthetic.
We waited what seemed an eternity but was really only about 20 minutes.  Alicia saw them with the gurney coming down the hall first.  She was very relieved.  Back to our room they brought him to recover.  I am happy to say there were no seizures, nausea or fever.  We are feeling very lucky.  He's still got to lay about another 2 hours but he has so far done really well. He has tried to get up the odd time but lays down when told to.  I hope this next 2 hours doesn't drag.  Tomorrow we are back to Acupuncture and the Eye stimulation so our day will go a little faster.  Thursday is also market day.  We don't need much but I think we will go just to get out.    We Thank everyone for their kind thoughts Prayers and Love. 

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