Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I have to admit I am a bit slow in getting to my blog.  We have been home a little over a week and we have finally returned to somewhat normal.  I had a much harder time with the jet lag on the way back then I did going to China.  Rylan seemed to adapt fairly quickly and I think Alicia is adapting well too.
The rest of the stem cell injections went really well.  Rylan never had any sort of reaction other than some bad cramping from gasping the gas when they sedated him and the one small fever from when he had his cold.  The eye injections that we had worried about never even seemed to bother him at all.  We were so excited the last few days in China.  So many things were happening.  Rylan seemed to be talking more and more and one morning when Alicia was walking him he refused to hold both her hands.  Instead he held one hand and walked beside her.  That was such a wonderful sight to see.  That made us both teary.

The good byes to the Nurses was sad but exciting as we knew we were going home.  The first lag of our journey landed us in Hong Kong.  It will never leave my mind how big that Airport is.  I keep thinking of it as a huge city.  We were there for about 5 hours.  We wandered the Airport and looked in the very expensive shops, dreaming.  We actually bought a few trinkets there as they were fairly inexpensive in one of the smaller shops.  We had lunch and yes we had Sandwiches.  They tasted so good.  We then were met by an employee of Cathay Pacific who took us to our departure gate.  We were led back to that Subway train that took us there.  Wow!
 Our seats this time weren't quite as nice although we never complained.  The food was good and Rylan even ate some of it.  He does like his potatoes and veggies.  Rylan then slept most of the rest of the flight Thank Goodness.  Alicia and I watched movies and chatted and tried to sleep but I think we were too happy to be going home.

Rob and Ryan met us at the Airport in Vancouver.  It was wonderful seeing them.  We were a bit amazed at how fast we got through customs.  No problems at all.  The only thing that happened is when we found our luggage on of my suitcases was open.  Nothing of value was missing.  But a couple of the things I had bought for people had fallen out of the suitcase.  

Getting to the ferry was a happy time.  I realized that the ferry was taking us home to the rest of the family and our friends.  

Since we have gotten home Rylan is talking even more.  He is using more words and more sentences.  He is saying things like "Daddy where are you?"  "Mommy I love you!  Where are you?'  When Auntie Ang took him to school on Monday she was standing holding his hand and he let GO!  He stood there for about 5 seconds and then he reached up and grabbed her hand again.  We were all so excited.

I know the question everyone is wondering about and some are asking and the answer is We don't know if he is seeing more or not.  We aren't positive so we can't say a resounding yes.  What we can say is when Alicia holds a flashlight in front of his eyes we think he is following it.  But with that we won't say for 100%.  He has pushed it away as well as if it is bothering him.  We need to remember that even if he is seeing more his brain still is processing it.  So only time will tell.  He will see his Opthomologist in April which will give the stem cells time to work on his optic nerves.

I will keep updating everyone of the changes that are going on.  Thank you for caring and thank you to everyone who helped make our journey a reality.

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  1. I have a daughter with ONH and Autism and I'm thinking of going to China for stem cell therapy. Please if you can give an update on how Rylan is doing now. And I was wondering if I could contact you about the fundraising. I'm having a hard time gathering information on how to legally fundraise in Canada. I live in BC on the mainland (Fraser Valley) and would deeply appreciate the help. Thank you!
    Email: taradmahoney@gmail.com