Monday, October 8, 2012

Today Rylan had his second Lumbar Puncture.  He did really well considering he has a cold.  He woke up from the anesthetic and he was not feeling very well at first.  We couldn't figure out if he was in pain, had a headache or had a belly full of gas.  The nurses and Doctor came right away and tried to access the situation.  He eventually settled and had a nap.  When he woke up he was his usual self.  We gave him some water and he kept it down fine then we gave him some fruit and a pudding and he kept that down as well.  Rylan has 2 more procedures this week.  His eye injections and his last lumbar puncture.  Also they are going to see if they can get that MRI that they have not had much success with.  Hopefully 3rd time lucky.  We have had a couple of days where we fitted in some fun things.  We went to the gift market to look for a few trinkets to bring home.  We took a cab there no problem and were amazed to see a huge building with about 7 floors of every kind of souvenirs you could think of.  The weird thing was none of them said China or Guangzhou.  I find this very strange.  There wasn't a T-shirt or anything.  We did manage to find a few things that we thought people would like.  The other thing we found amazing is that some things were more expensive than at home.  I'm not sure how the Chinese people afford most things. On the way home we got a cab and showed the driver our address.  Settled on a price and set off.  About 40 minutes into the ride we realized he wasnt sure where he was going.  He then looked at me and gestured which way.  Oh dear!  Suddenly Alicia say a building that we see from our balcony and we pointed that way...I then phoned our Interpreter and she helped.  He then started asking people on the side of the road.  Alicia and I were thinking at this point he might just drop us off on the side of the road somewhere, but he didn't and eventually we ended up at the hospital thank goodness.  We decided we had been on a great adventure but from now on we weren't taking cabs.  We would pay a little extra and get a driver.  MUCH SAFER!    Sunday we went to the Zoo.  I am so glad we went.  It was amazing!  It is the biggest Zoo in Asia.  We saw the Pandas that I wanted to see so badly.  We might not have seen the Great Wall but we got to see the Pandas and that made us happy.  We went with 2 other families from here at the hospital.  Such nice people and we have a common bond that makes it easy to be with them.  Its very comfortable, 
Today is Thanksgiving and I think it was the hardest day for us so far.  We are missing the family and yes missing the Turkey too.  I just want to say we are thankful to be here and please continue to send happy loving prayers for our Rylan.  xoxoxo

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