Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This last weekend was the bottle and Penny drive for Rylan's Fight for Sight.  Pam Duffy a friend of mine took on this huge event.  She arranged all the bags and pick ups and all the thousand little things that need to be done to make this a success.  People started dropping their change off to me almost immediately, as soon as the posters went up and word of mouth got around.  It was jaw dropping.  I have to say that I was so humbled.  The day before the event Jeannie and I went to the Bank of Montreal and had a look at the new change counter that they had there.  It is so much fun.  You put the change in and the machine whips the money around and counts it.  No more counting and rolling for this girl!  The day of the bottle drive we couldn't believe how many people stopped to drop off cans and money.  Rylan the star of the show kept smiling and I do believe showing off a little.  One Dad came by with his boys with some cans and he explained to Alicia that, that morning he had read the boys Rylan's story and explained the best he could about all of Rylan's diagnosis.  Each of the boys handed Alicia some money.  Alicia said they were just the cutest little guys.  At the end of the day all these wonderful Volunteer's and the community had helped us raise over $1700.  People are still dropping off change and asking when we are going to do another bottle drive.  Pam said after Christmas.  So please everyone after Christmas remember us.  We also still have a can up at the Gibson's Bottle Depot, so if you want you can just drop your change in the can if you are recycling your bottles there.  We truly appreciate it.  
Rylan's Therapists were at the house again yesterday.  As usual the little guy never seems to amaze them with his newly acquired skills.  He is walking by just holding on to one hand now and he is so much more curious.  The visitors took Rylan to meet his new Principal that he will be having at Cedar Grove next year.  Rylan was quite curious as to who this new person was.  It just so happens that the Principal has two Grandchildren with special needs.  One is Visually impaired and the other one has Autism.  I think Rylan will have a friend indeed.  While they were there the recess bell went.  All of a sudden there was a wave of children coming from every which way.  Cohen hid behind his Mom but Rylan Ang told me, Had the biggest smile on his face.  He loved all this noise.  This is a far cry from the scared little boy of a few months ago.  Oh how far he has come.  After the first kids went back to school the special needs kids came out to play.  They were quite taken by this new little face.  Rylan was having a great time listening to the chatter and the questions they were asking.  Some how I think this little boy of ours is really going to like school.  I think we need not worry if he will like it.  

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