Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Thursday we had our 1st official Fundraising event, For Rylan's Fight for Sight.  To say it was a success is an understatement.  It was a sellout.  We could have sold at least 30 more tickets.  It was an amazing night.  The owners of the Coffee house where we had the event were extremely accommodating.  They had everything set up so that when we arrived all we had to do was set up our Silent Auction. Thank you Andrew and Leslie.  Our wonderful Fundraising team was there and pumped.  I could tell that this was going to be a good night.  People started arriving right on time and they were treated to beautiful desserts and wonderful coffee.  Kathy and Paul were our entertainment and they did not disappoint.  Kathy has a wonderful voice and Paul plays a mean guitar.  Rylan was loving the music.  It's his favourite thing in the whole world.  He was bopping his little head to the beat of the music.  He was most upset when they stopped for a break.  Cohen was just as enthralled.  He was trying to sing along with Kathy.  She told me later that she had to look at something else as every time she looked at him she started to laugh.  Maybe Cohen is going to be a singer.  Grandma got Rylan up to dance.  He has this cute little thing he does with his foot.  I can't do it but he has a very different dance move that makes us all laugh.  He was quite a card and he didn't disappoint everyone.  
Karen Webb made a presentation to Ryan and Alicia.  Seems her Grade 1 class had been having penny drives and had raised $170 for Rylan's Fight for Sight.  I don't think there were many dry eyes in the room 
thinking of those little ones, raising money for another little one.  I do believe that they could teach us something about generosity and selfless love and acceptance. When  we pulled the 50/50 draw April Seward had won and she donated the money back to Rylan's cause.  Thank you April.  
The Silent Auction was a great Success.  We appreciated all those bids.  Thank you to everyone one who bought the items.  We can't do this without you.  So I know everyone is wondering how much we raised. Well we raised almost $2500.  Rylan has about $12,000 in his Trust Account.  Amazing!
Thank you Everyone from the bottom of our hearts.  
Our next event is November 17th at the Lighthouse Pub.  It is a Burger and Beer night. We will be having another Silent Auction and 50/50.  
Hope we see you there.  China is getting closer and closer.

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