Monday, April 16, 2012

So many exciting things to talk about in this blog.  We have made our first deposit for Rylan's Stem Cells  and today I went and put a deposit for our flight.  We leave on September 23rd at 3:00 in the afternoon and arrive in Guangzhou 16 hours later.  We have one stopover in Hong Kong.  If this had been for pleasure it would have been fun to do some sightseeing.  Oh well another time.  We are flying Cathay Pacific and so far they have been very accommodating.  They will have a wheelchair to help Rylan on and off the plane and he will have an escort thru the terminals as we will need all the help we can get as Rylan won't be able to walk and his stroller will have to be checked with the luggage.  Cathay has also said they can accommodate his food as it has to be pureed.  We can bring oatmeal for him so that's ok. We will get to sit in seats that have more leg room and that are close to the bathrooms.  So far so good.   Hopefully they will come thru with all that they have promised.  We will be picked up at the Guangzhou airport by an Interpreter and be escorted to the hospital.  The next morning Rylan will be assessed by a group of Doctors and Therapists.  After receiving his Stem Cells we return to Canada on the 14th of October.  I think we will celebrate Thanksgiving on that day as we as a famly have much to be Thankful for.    Hopefully we will be even more Thankful when we get back and those Stem Cells have started working their magic.  
On a different note Rylan has started his new Medication for his Seizures and he has started to talk lots more.  He hasn't had any more seizures that we know of.  So once more I say Thank You for all the support that everyone keeps giving.  Please keep Rylan in your prayers.

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