Monday, April 2, 2012

One more Diagnosis

Friday Ryan and Alicia took Rylan to Children's Hospital because lately he had been having seizures. It was very nerve wracking for them.  Rylan had to have EEG and it wasn't fun for any of them.  When the Doctor connected the electrodes to his head he became quite upset and quite agitated.  Ryan and Alicia tried to keep him calm but he cried for about and hour and a half.  When it was all done they had an appointment with the Neurologist.  She told them what I had suspected that Rylan had developed Epilepsy. While he had been attached to the EEG she had gotten so much good information.  The strange thing was that it was the left side of his brain that was misfiring and when he had, had the strokes when he was born it had affected the right side.  The little bit of vision he has is also on his left side.  She found this quite interesting.  The exciting thing was when she was doing his physical exam she was shining the light in his left eye and he was trying really hard to see what she was doing and he was following the light with his left eye. 
After they had seen the Neurologist they went to see Rylan's Endocrinologist Dr. Chanoine who came in on his day off especially to see Rylan.  He changed up some of Rylans Meds and told Alicia and Ryan what a good job they were doing. Dr. Chanoine always makes them feel good as juggling Rylans Medication is a bit complex. Then it was back to see the Neurologist to be told that they would have to start Rylan on anti-seizure medication., but with the medication Rylan would be able to concentrate better and it would help him learn.  It would help his lashing out and mood swings.  When they got back home they came for dinner and we talked about this new diagnosis. What it would mean to Rylan and to them.  To my surprise they told us it was just one more diagnosis and they would deal with this as well.  I am not sure how well I could walk a mile in their shoes.  It would be exhausting to have to live with the stress but I guess as they quite often say, It is their life and they have to live it the best they can .

Now for some good and exciting news.  We have been accepted to go to China to the city of Guangzhou on September 24th, 2012.  We will return home on October 14th.  Rylan will get at least 8 packets of Stem Cells.  While we are there he will receive Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Fire cupping and either acupuncture or acupressure.  He will be in some sort of Therapy 5 to 6 hours a day and receive stem cells 2 times the first week and three times the 2nd and 3rd weeks.  We are hoping that we can still raise a little more money as the more we raise the more packets of Stem Cells Rylan can receive. 
We the Johnstone family want to thank everyone who has donated money, the ladies who continually give  so much of their time and energy.  The people who sent their prayers and Love and believed in our cause.  We have a dream and you are helping us realize it. 

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