Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rylan is doing really well on his new seizure medication.  He has had a few pre seizures, but no Grand mal seizures so that's been a real blessing.  I know Ryan and Alicia were getting pretty stressed before as he was starting to have more and more.  Alicia had not been sleeping but now with Rylan feeling better she is feeling better too.  Rylan has another worker now to help Angela with getting him more mobile.   Her name is Judy and she is a behaviourist. She and Angela work together two days a week to help Rylan with some of his Autistic tendencies.  Rylan seems to really like her.  Judy will be taking him swimming two times a week.  Rylan has always loved the water and swimming.  Rylan also has a new walker.  To every one's surprise he likes it.  He actually will hold on and push it.  We are all praying that this will be the push he needs to start his independent walking.
With spring and the warmer weather Rylan is getting outside more which he loves.  The other day he was out sitting on the grass(something he wouldn't do before because of the textures) and he was playing with a blade of grass.  Alicia noticed he was running his fingers over it and then he did something that surprised her.  He put it in his mouth and actually chewed it with his teeth.  She was so excited as he won't chew anything.  Alicia said he actually looked like he was trying to taste it.  Maybe this will be the start of something.
We have up to this point raised almost $35,000.  It is exciting.  We are still getting some small donations which is really great.  I have to make the final installment for Rylan's stem cell treatment on the 2nd of July.  It will be one exciting day.  Once again I thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement, their prayers and the donations.  Rylan would not be going with out all of you.

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