Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So much has happened in the 3 weeks since I wrote Rylan's Blog that I'm almost at a loss as to where to start.  On the 17th of December so much happened that my head is still reeling.  There was the bake sale that I have to say was an amazing success.  The people who baked for Rylan were amazing and generous and kind.  I can't even begin to explain how in awe we were as a family to see the generosity.  Some ladies had given an entire day to bake for the Bake sale.  There was so much baking that the 3 tables that were set up could be refilled twice.  The people who bought were also beyond generous.  Some people didn't even buy they just donated.  We were completely blown away.  How much did we make?  We made $950 for the bake sale and another $140 for bracelets.  Thanks you Sunshine Coast for your love you have shown for Rylan.   It brings tears to my eyes. 
The next big thing on the 17th was the interview with 16 by 9.  As I told you in one of the other Blogs they wanted Ryan and Alicia to do an Interview on why they wanted Rylan to go to China for Stem Cell Infusions.  Carolyn Jarvis the Anchor of 16 by 9 and Kirk the cameraman met us at the mall and yes she is as beautiful in person as on TV.   They wanted to shoot some of the Bake sale and get some of Rylan's Angels in action.  They also wanted to get Rylan making an entrance and he did not disappoint.  He was laughing and giggling as he walked towards the tables that were set up.  He hugged and kissed everyone that came to say hi.  He especially liked Kirk the cameraman.  He kept hugging him and laughing.  He then heard his Grandpa who happens to be one of Rylan's favourite people.  He hugged and kissed him and made everyone laugh and smile to see the joy on his face when his Grandpa picked him up.  Wendy and Cliff Moss came to present Rylan and Alicia with a Cheque from the Lion's Club for $500.  They had just come from selling trees from the tree farm and Cliff said they were wet but we got pictures of them and so did Kirk. Maybe they'll be on TV.  I then moved away from the action with Carolyn and we chatted about Rylan his diagnosis and his challenges.  She seemed to really want to understand all his problems.  She then wanted to go back to Ryan and Alicia's home to do the Interview.  Kirk was really taken with the yard hoping to see a Bear or the Deer that Ryan had told him about.  Well there wasn't to be a Bear sighting but a Mama Deer and her Fawn showed up to be filmed.  Hmm wonder how they will fit in with the story.  Kirk spent a lot of time setting up his equipment and Carolyn asked questions.  Rylan was getting hungry and it was time for his lunch.  Rob and I took him in to the kitchen and fed him.  I could see that Ryan and Alicia were doing  a really good job of explaining and answering all of Carolyn's questions and thought this would be a really good time to keep Rylan busy by taking him to the park.  Grandpa, Rylan and I and two of Ryan's dogs went across the street to the Accessible Playground at Cedar Grove School.  We pushed Rylan on the swing and played with him there until we were cold and I needed to get back to the Bake Sale.  We took Rylan back across the road to Mommy and Daddy and Rob and I headed back to the Mall.  When I got back there I was shocked that there was very little left of all the baking.  It was an amazing sight to see how much had been bought.  
I just found out a little while ago that Rylan's segment on 16 by 9 will air on January 14th at 7:00 pm on Global.  I got an email the other day from Carolyn thanking us for letting them in to our lives.  I hope that they understand that we were happy to share a little of Rylan and maybe if another family sees the show that it gives them some hope for their Child. 
The Johnstone Family would like to wish Everyone a Happy New Year.  

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  1. What an amazing story - and yet, the generosity and empathy of Sunshine Coasters is what makes living here such a pleasure! I know Ryan will get his surgery because Coaster's believe that every child is so important and that we are all members of the Sunshine Coast family.