Monday, January 30, 2012

Well as you can imagine there was a lot of nerves leading up to the premiering of the show
"Selling Hope"on 16:9.
We weren't sure what to expect on how Ryan, Alicia, and Rylan would be portrayed.  I happy to say we needed not worry.  They did great! Ryan did most of the talking ,but both were honest and articulate and
and I think that most people were sympathetic to them in understanding that this is their chance to make a difference in Rylan's life. I think Alicia said it best when she said she doesn't want any regrets as to everything that they can do for him.  She doesn't want to die thinking she should have done more.
Thank you everyone who watched and gave us such positive feedback.  We couldn't do this without you.

Rylan turned 5 on the 16th of January. We had Rylan's Angels for cake and a visit on his birthday and then on the 21st we had a family birthday party.  He was so excited. He giggled and ripped at the paper and really had fun with everyone making a fuss over him.  It is amazing the amount of change that we have seen in the last year.  He's gained weight, seems to be talking more but the most important thing is that he is a much happier child.  He belly laughs and really tries to play with Cohen.  The therapists really see signs of progress in speech and play. Now we are hoping that maybe this year he will walk and maybe potty train.  Those would be huge accomplishments for him that would really make a difference in his quality of life.  
We have reached another milestone in our fundraising efforts.  We are now at $30,729.  I got so use to saying we need to raise $40,000 and the other day I said to a friend, we need to raise under $10,000.  It made my heart pound.  I was elated.  Soon we will be able to say we have reached our goal and we will be off to China!
Once again I want to thank everyone who is making all this possible with support, prayers and tons of love for Rylan.  

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