Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rylan's fight for Sight Pub Night

Last Thursday night on November 17th we had a Burger and Beer Night at one of our local Pubs the Lighthouse pub in Sechelt.  We had a 160 ticket to sell, daunting to say the least and we had to come up with Silent Auction items as well.  That's where Rylan's Angel Pam cam in.  Without his
Angel I am not sure how much of this would have gotten done. I for one felt overwhelmed.  Pam and I pounded the pavement trying to sell tickets and find these silent auction items.  Dar as usual was doing the posters and anything else we asked of her on the computer.  Jeannie has always been there doing whatever we asked.  Catt Rylan's nurse who had been there the day he had his Adrenal crisis was there helping out, making her Jewellery to Auction and Judy was around for whatever she could and would do without a thought.  These are the ladies we call Rylan's Angels.  Without them Rylan would not get to China. 
 The St Mary's Radiology Department was out in full force.  What a wonderful group of ladies!
As the night approached I was getting worried and then everything started to fall into place.  Tickets started selling, businesses starting calling with donations and other little miracles starting happening.  Some of Ryan's friends from Powell River messaged me asking for tickets.  I started to feel more confident.  Maybe we would have a good turnout. 
I have to say it was more than a turnout!  It was a Sellout!  We sold all of the tickets and got 91 silent auction items. 
The night of the 17th all of Rylan's Angels turned up to set up and make sure that everything was done.  We were so excited .The Lighthouse Pub was very accomidating the food was awesome and the staff were great.  Duane Burnett was the MC and as in Duane style he rocked.  Thank you Duane.  Candy Harrison did the music and it was great.  Thank you Candy.  But I have to say the highlight of the night was when the Slow pitch team from Powell River got up and donated $1000 to Rylan for his trip to China. One of the members  of the slow pitch team named Romy and his wife Helena donated another $500 To Ryan's cause.  Ryan and Alicia couldn't even talk, Both were speechless. Wonder if there was a dry eye in the place.
We also did a 50/50 draw.  Laurie Tyson and Rylan split a $900 pot.  Awesome!
Then after that the new owner of a business that had moved into town  "Sound Attraction" offered to donate a 32 inch TV to the first person that donated $200 to Rylan and introduced themselves.  Rain thank you for being so quick. Hope you enjoy your new TV.  I found out later that the Sound Attraction people had already donated $50 to Rylan`s cause when they had first came in.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  People have asked what was the biggest donation.  Well there were a couple ...One from Medi chair.  A recliner worth $999 and a Hot Water Tank donated by Bruce Hayter worth $800.  A ring donated by Anne Lewis an Orginal Oil painting by Donna Stewart. Tools a quilt a hunting jacke,t appliances and on and on.  So many other items that were so  unbelivable. I could go on and on but just know that we won`t forget any of the generosity that was given to Rylan`s cause. 
We arent finished getting all of the money yet from all the silent auction items but we believe we have to date received close to $8000.  How awesome is that for a small community.  How do you ever pay it back.  I have come to realize you can`t! You have to pay it forward
What a great success!  One that won't be forgotten for a very long time.
How much have we fund raised. Well I will tell you.
Absolutely Unbelievable. 
Thank you to All the Sunshine Coast.  Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Pender Harbour and Powell River.  What a great and beautiful place to live.
For those who have asked what is next so far we have organized a Bake sale on the 17th of December at Sunnycrest Mall and of course the after Christmas Bottle Drive on the 7th of January.  Please if you have any extra baking to donate let us know and please save your Drink bottles for us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Johnstone's and Rylan's Angels.  

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